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Hugo Rodriguez & Juliana Vera

Hugo, Juliana, Samuel, Juan


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The History of our Ministry

We got married in our church in 1999 and in 2001 we were sent as missionaries to Viotá, Colombia, a town two hours from the capital, Bogotá, where we served for five years.


We later returned to our church to help in different ministries. One of those ministries was Facelife, the church's ministry for young high school graduates. It was there that the Lord began to put in us the desire to dedicate ourselves to working with young people. At that point, we had been working in that ministry for several years. It wasn't until 2015 that God allowed us to start working full-time with youth when we started the Training & Discipleship School. The purpose of the school is to disciple young believers by forming and cultivating spiritual habits in in their lives and to help them deepen their relationship with God.

We were blessed to start the school on the Rawlings Foundation's campgrounds in Chinauta, Colombia. We worked there for five years, but in the fall of 2022 we will be relocating the school to La Calera, Colombia.

Our dream is to continue growing our ministry and to see the young people who attend our school grow as students and return to serve as mentors. The Lord has allowed us to develop a training program for mentors, which runs parallel to the work of the school.


This program allows young people who were previously students to experience a greater responsibility in ministry and to return as school staff, supported by their churches, families, and friends. They accompany us for at least a year, growing in their leadership and dependence on the Lord.

Many of them have finished their time as school staff and gone on to serve in full-time ministry in their churches and other ministries. 

The school is a place where students can seek God's will for their lives, and God is making his will known in these students' lives through the Training & Discipleship School. 

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Hugo & Juliana

Hugo and Juliana are working in partnership with Manna Worldwide to continue the Training & Discipleship School that they started with Craig and Fran Lingo several years ago. When Craig died in 2021 and the Rawlings Foundation decided not to continue supporting the school, Hugo and Juliana began to reevaluate their ministry. Through prayer, they were convinced to continue the work they started. Today, with an even greater trust in God's provision, and with a renewed love of discipleship, they are beginning their adventure as sent and supported missionaries. Would you consider supporting their work?

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