Colombia Building Fund

How it Works


THE Building

The Colombia Building Fund will:

  1. Provide church buildings: 

    • Up to 9 independent churches can use the building for church services. 

  2. Help churches serve their communities:

    • Each week that building could host: tutoring, after-school programs, college classes, a feeding center.

  3. Provide buildings for future church plants: 

    • At full capacity, activities that pay rent (coffee shop, sports programs, churches) generate income to purchase new buildings every 5 to 10 years. 

In addition to these purposes, the fund will also create these advantages for churches: 

  • Provides a location for ministries that meet the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of children in poverty.

  • Simplify and lower the cost of starting new churches. 

  • Many churches share expensive sound and video equipment. 

  • Churches can pool resources to share employees.

  • Free up funds to support ministry, local church-planting, and missions. 

  • Generate funds to buy church buildings across Colombia. 

  • Involve your church directly in church-planting in Colombia. (how to help)

Don't think of your support for the Colombia Building Fund as a gift, but as an investment. Your donation will be multiplied by the very churches who benefit from it. 


Behind the scenes, the fund fuels church-planting!


Each church that chooses to meet in the building will contribute $1,000 per month back into the fund. That's 70% less than it would cost to rent a similar building.

Churches also don't pay for a building they don't use during the week, which opens up space for multiple churches (we think up to nine) to meet in the same building each week. 

At full capacity, when those nine churches are contributing to the fund, their contributions will buy a new building every 5 to 10 years. 


Since costs are much lower in other cities and villages, a new building could be purchased every two or three years in other parts of Colombia, or even on a foreign mission field. That will allow third-world churches to do more for missions than many first-world churches are capable of. 

Now, that's an investment in missions! 



We are raising $1,000,000 for the Colombia Building Fund. Up to nine churches can meet in the building, each contributing $1,000/month. 

  • $1,000/church x 9 churches  = $9,000/month

  • $9,000/month x 12 months = $108,000 per year

  • $108,000/year x 10 years = $1,080,000 every ten years

At full capacity, the fund is replenished every 5 to 10 years. 


Here's where it gets Crazy

Working as missionaries in Colombia, most of the people we invite to church have to work on Sundays, which means there is a whole world of people who will never be able to connect with a church on Sunday. That's why one of our dreams for the past several years has been to start churches that meet on other days of the week. 

After we started a Bible study on Friday nights, we became convinced that weeknight Bible studies are a great idea. As these Bible studies grow, they will eventually need a larger place to meet. The building fund will provide that space in a conference room, and eventually in the auditorium when churches are ready for larger church services. 

At maximum capacity, nine churches of about 200 could hold services in the building each week. Mornings and afternoons can be reserved for other programs, including ministries in partnership with Manna Worldwide

Example Weekly Schedule

(max capacity)



How can I ask a question that's not on the list?

You can ask us anything. Just click right... here. A form will pop up so you can send us a question. We will be in touch soon with an answer. If it's urgent, just call 1-417-597-4626 or send a note to

Where does my money go when I donate?

We are accepting donations through the Baptist Bible Fellowship Mission Office for several reasons, but most importantly because 100% of your donation goes directly to the building fund. The Mission Office does not take any percentage of the funds given. Here are the other reasons. 1. 100% of your donations go directly to the building fund. The Mission Office does not take a percentage of the funds. 2. You can give through bank transfer without being charged a fee. 3. You can set up automatic recurring giving.

How much do you need to raise?

We need to raise a minimum of $1,000,000. We want to make sure the building can accomodate about 200 people in a church service. The land alone for a building of that size should cost at least $600,000. We will likely demolish what small buildings are on the land and build a design from scratch.

Do you have a specific lot picked out?

We have several lots in mind, but the place we would most like to build isn't for sale. Pray for God to open doors for us to be in a specific place that:

  1. Is close to multiple schools, including the shool we already work with.
  2. Is next to a very popular park in our area.
  3. Has ample street parking.
  4. Is on a major road.
Here's a picture of the area:

Church Planting

Where will these nine churches come from?

We will start them and we will teach others to start them. Our goals as missionaries are to make disciple-making disciples, plant church-planting churches, and start movement-starting movements. We've seen disciples made, we've seen churches planted, and now we believe we are seeing a movement started that will start movements across Colombia and across the world. We just have to let God show that it can be done.

Why would nine churches meet in the same location?

200,000 people live within walking distance of the building we currently rent. If we were to start 9 churches of about 200 people each, we would not even be reaching 1% of our area. It would require 500 new churches to consider these neighborhoods reached.

What kinds of churches can use the building?

We reserve our buildings for use by church planters that come from our own churches. We do work with other churches for other reasons, but we are convinced that churches who share both a building and a reputation within the community should, as much as possible, share the same values, history, doctrine, beliefs, and even philosophy of ministry.

Do new churches start out in the building?

No, at least not in the main area. We hope new churches will first start as Bible studies in homes or in the community. This is a way that church-planters can get started without the need for any type of funding. We also hope for each building that we build to have a coffee shop and a large conference room. We want those spaces to be available to our regular church members for normal discipleship, but we also hope that churches can use the conference room as a temporary, free meeting place as they outgrow houses, but aren't ready to move into the larger auditorium.

How long will it take to start nine churches?

We already have a six-year-old church, and we’re ready to start a second one later this year. Our goal is to start a new church every five years, but also for each church we start to start a church every five years. If that happens, in 2032 we will have started 8 churches. By 2037, there could be 16. Now, don't hold us to those dates, but we would definitely like to see it happen that way! Just remember, "A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps."


Doesn't the church have to meet on Sunday?

The truth is, we really like the idea of church on Sundays. It just seems right. But, is that because God commanded the church to meet on Sundays? No, it isn’t. There are a lot of commands in the Bible, and God doesn’t have any trouble making his expectations clear. So, if God requires the church to meet on Sunday, why doesn’t the New Testament contain a single command to meet on that day? In the Bible, we do see churches assembled on Sundays, but just as often we see churches meeting on other days. When Jesus was accused of not keeping the Sabbath, he reminded his accusers that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. Is it good to meet on Sunday? Sure it is! Is it good to prohibit christians from assembling because it’s not Sunday? Absolutely not. See: Acts 20:7, Mark 2:27, Colossians 2:16, 2 Corinthians 3:6, Acts 2:46, Mark 7:7, Mark 2:27, Matthew 12:12

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