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Follow-up Update July 2021

You should have received a more informative email update yesterday from us about Jonathan's health problems over the past month. This is just a quick update to that letter, in case you are sharing our prayer request with your church.

We were very pleased with the doctor’s decisions yesterday. After they started the surgery, they realized the infection was more extensive than they originally expected. There was too much dead and decaying tissue, so they ended up doing a much more extensive removal of tissues than expected. Jonathan is doing well now and very happy that the doctor took all the steps necessary to stop this infection from advancing. A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been praying. We feel so loved and supported through this.

If you have questions or would like more medical details, just let us know. We know most people don't want to hear all the details, but we don't mind telling you all about them either. We expect at least a two-week recovery after the operation. With God's working, we'll be back out there doing ministry again very soon! We very much appreciate your prayers. Jonathan & Anna Saliba 417-597-4626

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