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Colombia Building Fund

THE Building

The Colombia Building Fund will:

  1. Provide church buildings: 

    • Multiple churches can use the building for church services. 

  2. Help churches serve their communities:

    • Each week the building could host: tutoring, after-school programs, college classes, a feeding center, sports programs, a coffee shop, and anything that helps reach and connect with people.

  3. Provide buildings for future church plants: 

    • Churches and activities that pay rent (coffee shop, sports programs, churches) generate income to purchase new buildings. 

In addition to these purposes, the fund will also create these advantages for churches: 

  • A nice building in a great location gives the church credibility in the community. 

  • Provides a location for ministries that meet the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of children in poverty.

  • Free up funds to support ministry, local church-planting, and missions. 

  • Multiple churches share expensive sound and video equipment. 

  • Generate funds to buy church buildings across Colombia. 

  • Involve your church directly in church-planting in Colombia. (how to help)

Your giving to the Colombia Building Fund is an investment in current and future church-plants in Colombia. Your donation will be multiplied by the very churches who benefit from it. 

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Example 2.jpg


Behind the scenes, the fund fuels church-planting!


Since the church is not a building, we believe several independent churches can share the same building. As churches started in the building grow, they will contribute $1,000/month in "rent" back into the fund. That's 70% less than it would cost to rent a similar building. 

As churches contribute to the fund, their contributions will buy new buildings for future church plants. 


If three churches eventually are started in the building, sharing the space at different times on Sunday, the amount those churches contribute back into the fund as "rent" would buy a similar, new church building in a less expensive city in Colombia every 5 years.


That means a similar church-planting movement could be started, with a building, in a new city every five years! The second building would function the same: eventually serving multiple churches, paying "rent" back into the fund, and someday sending out church-planters to repeat the process yet again. 


The Colombia Building Fund will allow third-world churches to participate in church-planting across Colombia and, eventually, throughout the world. 

Now, that's an investment in missions! 

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Team Colombia

Colombia Building Fund

P.O. Box 191

Springfield, MO 65801


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