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Would you like to Help?

Whether you're an individual or you represent a church, if you want to help with the Colombia Building Fund, we want to help you!


Use the "Sign Up" button to let us know about your desire to help. We've also compiled a list of ideas to help you make the biggest difference possible. From matching donations to simply writing a check, there's an option for anyone who wants to get involved

For Churches

Give Big

Your church's one-time gift for the Colombia Building Fund will be a big help! 


Keep in mind that we need the average church to give between $10,000 and $20,000 for the purchase of the building. That doesn't mean you have to give that much, and it doesn't mean you can't give more. 


If you feel your church isn't able to give a large gift like this, consider the "Save and Send" or "Monthly Giving" options below. 

Match giving

If your church is able, or if a generous church member is willing, start a gift-matching campaign. Matching gifts is a very effective way to motivate giving to special projects. Be sure to limit gift-matching to the amount the church is actually able to match. 

Example: Your church has saved $10,000 for missions projects like this one. Tell your people that for every dollar they give toward the building fund, another dollar will be given from the church, up to $10,000. If the people give a total of $7,000, and the church matches with another $7,000, you've doubled your contribution without any additional cost for the church!

Save and send

Does your church want to help in a big way, but needs time to get there? Set a 1-year goal and break it into smaller giving goals for your church to reach either monthly or weekly. Use the sign-up button to let us know about your goal. 

We would love to help you reach your goal by providing you with email and video updates. Make sure our emails don't end up in your spam folder. We can also help you with a lot of other resources. Visit the resources page

Monthly Giving

Make the Colombia Building Fund a permanent part of your missions ministry. Support the fund monthly, just like you would any other ministry or missionary. 


You can also help the fund get started by sending one large gift, and continue to support the fund to help it replenish even faster. Keep in mind, the first building will cost at least $1,000,000. That means we need churches to consider giving between $10,000 and $20,000 toward the first building. 

Special Fundraiser

Many churches collect and send special Christmas offerings to deserving causes around the world. We would be honored to be that deserving cause this year. 


Some churches give a specific amount to a good cause for every visitor who turns in a visitor card. It's a great way to motivate visitors to fill out the card, especially for big events like special Easter or Christmas services. 

Send a group

The plan is for the building fund to buy land and build the basic structure of the building. To lower costs, we plan to leave most of the internal spaces unfinished. Churches can send groups to Colombia to have a hands-on part in finishing the building project. 


In addition to giving to the fund, we would love for your church to send a group! We'll make some time to show you around the city, let you see our ministries in action, and help your people return with a greater love for missions. 


Join Prayer Team

One of the best ways you can help is by joining our team of prayer supporters. Click the sign-up button below to sign up for our email updates. You'll always know exactly how to pray for the ministry in Colombia.


You can also follow us on Facebook here. We love getting responses back from people letting us know they're praying for us. 

Just Give

Churches, corporations, and businesses aren't the only ones who can give big. Some of our largest donations come from normal, everyday generous individuals. 


We also know that God isn't concerned with amounts, but with the heart. Just give what God puts on your heart. Donations given through the BBFI Mission Office are also tax deductible. 

Stimulus donation

The government is issuing stimulus checks from time to time to help those in need during this time. Our supporters were so faithful last year that we decided to use ours to help people in need in Colombia. If you're still in good shape financially, donating the amount of your stimulus check could be a good starting-point for giving that won't cost you anything.

Tell Others

You're probably part of a Sunday-school class, small group, or some other group of people who would be interested in supporting our ministry.

We would love for you to present the building fund to a larger group of people and set a giving goal with them. We will do everything we can to help out too. Check the resources section, and let us know what you need to make that happen. We're here to help. Also, be sure you get the O.K. from your pastor.

Own a Business?

Donations through the BBFI Mission Office are tax deductible. 


Many businesses include charitable giving in their budgets either for tax purposes or simply because they want to be generous and give back. 

Supporting a project like the Colombia Building Fund will make a difference in the world in both a physical and spiritual way. 

Give Monthly

If you're interested in making a longer-term financial commitment to the building fund, you can also set up automatic monthly giving through the Mission Office.


Keep in mind that monthly giving is great in the long-term, but we can't buy land or build until we raise enough funds. One bigger donation complimented by smaller monthly giving is a great way to invest in the ministry in the short and long term.

Share on Social

A project like this requires the help of thousands of people. One of the best ways you can help is to not just share our website to social media, but even to make a quick "selfie" video explaining why you're excited about this project. 

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