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Colombia Building Fund

real estate

Real estate in Bogotá is not cheap. In many third-world countries, a church could buy land for $10,000. Here, in the densely packed city of Bogotá, we will need to raise a minimum of $1,000,000

Don't let the cost discourage you. It just means your contribution is even more needed and valuable to the churches it will benefit. 


Thinking of what a tiny fraction of that you can give could make you think twice about helping. Will your contribution even make a dent? Fortunately, it doesn't matter how much you can give. God isn't concerned with amounts. We aren't either. We just know He can provide for the need, and He chooses to do it through people like you. 


These two buildings are by a popular park, close to many schools, and on a major road. You're looking at at least $500,000 worth of real estate!

This church of 80 in the north of Bogotá rents a building with a little space to grow. Even being a church of faithful givers hasn't made them financially self-sustaining. 

Church Finances

The majority of Colombians make around $350 per month. A church of 70 people, which might have 45 working adults, tithes on their $350 per month, the church has a monthly income of $1,575.


If the church pays its pastor an average salary of $350, the government will require an extra $100 for insurance and social security.


Only $1,125 is left for rent, utilities, and ministry. How much does rent cost for a church of that size? We're glad you asked!


In Bogotá, a church would pay $1,500 to rent a 2,000 square foot building, giving that church of 75 a little room to grow. The problem is they can barely afford to rent, pay their bills, and pay their pastor, especially in low-income areas. 

The Colombia Building Fund provides buildings for churches at as little as 30% of the cost of a rental, and everything the churches contribute helps purchase future church buildings.

Church Planting

The church pictured here gives beyond their tithes to support missions in the Middle East and in Colombia. As the church grows, many will be called by God to start churches and to go out as missionaries.


We know God can enable churches to do far greater things than they should be able to do on their own. We believe the Colombia Building Fund is one of the ways He will make that happen.


The self-replenishing fund frees up funds to let churches support more missionaries. It also facilitates the planting of multiple churches in a single area. That means more aspiring missionaries can get real-life experience by participating in church-planting in their area.


It keeps churches from wasting money on rent, and instead allows them to use a building where everything they pay supports future church plants.


This group started the church in the north of Bogotá, which will be the first church to benefit from the new building. 

Team Colombia

Colombia Building Fund

P.O. Box 191

Springfield, MO 65801


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