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Craig & Fran Lingo


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Discipleship School Graduation

Craig & Fran Lingo

Craig and Fran Lingo were approved as the first Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Colombia in September 1971. Craig is the son of the late Joe and Alta Lingo, veteran missionaries to Chile. 

When they arrived as missionaries in 1971, Craig and Fran Lingo began laying the foundation for ministry in Colombia. They established the Colombian Baptist Bible Fellowship, planted churches that planted other churches, and trained and sent out missionaries. Because of their faithful focus, the ministry today can grow much more easily.

In 2009, the churches started an evangelistic camp ministry with the Rawlings Foundation. The camp ministry reached more than 20,000 adults and youth with he Gospel. 

Contact Information

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P.O. Box 191

Springfield, MO 65801

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1201 S Oak Grove Ave

Springfield, MO 65809

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