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Colombia Building Fund
Jonathan Saliba

Jonathan & Anna Saliba

Jonathan and Anna Saliba have been missionaries to Colombia since 2009. They have worked with a big church, helped start a small church, and are now preparing to start a new church in 2022. 

God planted the dream for the Colombia Building Fund in Jonathan's heart in 2016 during a time of frustration and reflection. For a while he thought the idea was crazy, but God never stopped impressing upon him the need to facilitate church multiplication throughout Colombia and across the world in this way.

Viviana Rondón

Viviana and her husband John both play a vital role in the church plant in north Bogotá. Her faithfulness as the church's kids ministry director for many years showed that she was the right person to lead Manna Worldwide's after-school program for children. Our hope is that the Colombia Building Fund can provide an ideal space for this ministry to have the greatest impact possible in the community. 

Albeiro Varón

Albeiro & Natalia

Albeiro interned at the church in north Bogotá, and it was quickly obvious that he would pastor the church. The church has grown consistently under his faithful leadership. Very soon after taking over as pastor, he was married to Natalia. 

Albeiro's church will be the first church to hold services in a building provided by the Colombia Building Fund. 

His dream is to return to his home town of Ibagué to start a new church. We hope that church plant can be the first to benefit from a second building as the fund continues to multiply. 

Scott & Kristi Hudgins

Scott and Kristi were the lead church-planters at the church in north Bogotá, laying an excellent foundation for the future of the ministry and casting the vision for a church that cares about and is present in its community. 

Scott now serves as the Director of Cross Cultural Training and Mobilization for Manna Worldwide

Without a doubt, Scott and Kristi will play a vital role in training and coaching the team of church-planters in Colombia as they start new projects, as well as teaching and preparing future pastors and missionaries to do amazing things for God. 

Scott & Kristi Hudgins
Craig & Fran Lingo

Craig & Fran Lingo

A list of team members wouldn't be complete without mentioning Craig and Fran Lingo. They worked as missionaries in Colombia more than three decades before any other person on this list. 

Craig and Fran have trained many pastors and missionaries and started multiple churches. It is possible, however, that their greatest contribution is their most recent. 

In 2009, they started an evangelistic camp ministry that reached tens of thousands. They also began training a new generation of leaders through their Discipleship Training School. 

Craig passed away in the summer of 2021, and Fran is continuing to work in Colombia. 

OUR Partners

Our churches have worked with these organizations to accomplish the goals of helping others know Jesus, connect with His church, and share His good news with the whole world: 

  • Manna Worldwide

  • Congregación Bíblica Bautista Norte

  • Baptist Bible Fellowship Mission Office

Because of the generosity of the Baptist Bible Fellowship Mission Office, 100% of donations are used for the building project. 

Team Colombia

Colombia Building Fund

P.O. Box 191

Springfield, MO 65801


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