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Ali is no longer serving in Colombia, but her ministry was so valuable that we want to archive her updates here as a record of her faithful service. 


Ali Alexander


Previous Updates

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Ali's 2020 Ministry Video

Ali Alexander

Ali was born in Quito, Ecuador to a sixteen year old girl. After living through some difficult circumstances, including the death of her biological father, her biological mother decided that she wanted a better life for her young daughter. Ali lived with a missionary family who were working in Ecuador before being adopted at the age of five by a family from Kansas.

Ali was raised in a Christian home and trusted the Lord as her Savior at the age of eight. She vividly remembers missionaries coming to her church to share about their country and ministry. It was through those missionaries that she began to understand that she too could be a missionary. In high school she surrendered to full time ministry. A few years later, and during her first mission trip, God confirmed her call to serve as a missionary.

She studied Intercultural Studies at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. Ali’s first trip to Colombia was in 2009 while studying at BBC. It was then that she realized God was weaving her story together and calling her back to the continent of South America.

Ali's Ministry

Ali served as a missionary in Colombia for 10 years. 


She learned Spanish, helped plant a church in Bogotá, served as children's director, worked with teens, taught English, and tutored high school students.

Ali's main focus was to bring Colombians to Christ, and God had placed a special desire in her heart to start a ministry to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children and youth in Colombia. She had seen how God protected and provided for her in her early years of life in Ecuador, and she wanted Colombian children to experience that same provision and relationship with God.

In response to the desire that God gave her, Ali started an after-school program in partnership with Manna Worldwide. Today, that program is serving dozens of kids each week by providing lunches, tutoring, Bible-studies, and spiritual guidance. 

In 2022, after ten years of faithful service as a missionary to Colombia, Ali realized it was time for a new adventure in life and ministry. She responsibly prepared leaders to replace her in her roles in Colombia.


After many years of service in Colombia, and through a responsible transition to Colombian leadership, Ali left a thriving kids ministry, after-school Bible study, and music ministry, all of which continue to contribute to the health and vitality of the church she helped plant in 2014.


Each component of Ali's vision for ministry became a reality in her time as a missionary in Colombia. Members her church and neighborhood in Bogotá will remember the lasting mark she had in their relationship with God—kids and adults alike.

Sending Pastor

"As her Pastor, I have had the opportunity for many years to watch Ali grow and mature in her relationship with the Lord. Through the years her focus for missions has remained constant. The passion our church has for missions has become her passion."


Tracy Roby

Overland Park Baptist



"What an honor it was to have Ali with us. Based upon her experience and performance while in Colombia, we feel that she has received the necessary training to return as a career BBFI missionary. A trait that Ali consistently manifested was a teachable spirit as she submitted not only to our leadership, but also the leadership of the nationals. She also quickly assimilated the Colombian culture and progressed very well in the language. As a result, Ali was invaluable while we started a church in the north of Bogotá. We are very thankful that she decided to join us in our labor here in Bogotá, Colombia."


Scott and Kristi Hudgins

Missionary Family

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