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Hudgins Update March 2019

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Hudgins 2019-03
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ORDAINING ALBEIRO VARON In January, Scott had the special treat of traveling to Colombia with Chandler. It was a great father & son bonding time. While there, Scott had the privilege to lead the ordination service of Albeiro, the national pastor of the church we planted several years ago. It is so exciting to see the church flourishing under Albeiro’s leadership and that of the missionary team (Jonathan & Anna Saliba and Ali Alexander). The ceremony was the church’s way of confirming Albeiro as their pastor and commissioning him in leading them to obey the Great Commission.


A large group from Mexico went to Colombia this quarter on a mission trip. The goal was to help our church plan and carry out a children’s fair in the community park. Around two hundred kids accompanied by their parents were in attendance. It was a great success that allowed the church to have a visible presence in the community and to launch kids month at the church. The gospel was shared and the church was a light. Several from the group have expressed a desire to serve the Lord as missionaries around the world. This was the Latin Initiative in action. We are grateful for the connections God has given us to serve alongside our Latin brothers and sisters to follow God wherever He leads.

OPEN DOOR IN ISRAEL As a creative way of opening the field of Israel, we are taking a large group to the Holy Land in December. The purpose is to explore doors that God is opening and to enjoy the places where Jesus walked. Many have already expressed interest in participating in this experience. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to write. As you can understand, we must be careful in how we promote this opportunity so we appreciate your understanding. Nonetheless, please write us privately and we can give you more details.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support. We could never do what we do without you!

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