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Hudgins Update March 2022

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Since 2016, we have periodically sent updates about the Discipleship School in Colombia. Scott has had the privilege of teaching a missions module there every semester since it began. The school is focused on discipling and cultivating spiritual habits in believers to help them deepen their relationship with God and surrender their lives to His purposes. The core focus is developing disciples of Jesus. The Lord uses the environment to call students to become pastors, missionaries, and full-time Christian workers. We are thankful that this has been our experience. In time, this ministry will lead to missionaries being sent from Latin America.

Spring 2021 Class

There were some changes recently that led to a wonderful opportunity. The Training & Discipleship School is now officially a project of MANNA Worldwide. God has already blessed these steps of faith in miraculous ways. As a result, we will be relaunching the school this summer! He provided a very affordable location to rent just outside of Bogotá. The space is ample enough to house the students, mentors, leaders, and visiting professors. God is also providing financially in ways that we as a family have never seen before. As we continue to raise funds for this vital ministry, we are very thankful to say that we have received enough funds to proceed with the summer launch. To God be the glory!

In order for you to have a clear picture of how the school works, here is an overview of the ministry. For four months, students (high school graduates or older) are inspired and challenged to follow Jesus in complete obedience. The first phase which is three months long takes the students through a series of intense teaching modules where professors from all around the world come to lead the students in specific areas of the Christian walk (for example, missions, prayer, and worship). During the first three months, the students also raise funds through emails and letters. This money is used for the second phase (the fourth month of the program) which is a missions trip where they practice the disciplines that they learned, serve the community, and present the gospel in unique ways.

Our goal is to provide a permanent home for the school as soon as possible. We are projecting that it will cost approximately $500,000. However, we have some wonderful news. The Lord has already provided $200,000 toward the purchase of our own property!

In order for the school to finish the year and continue well into the future, we are looking for partners who will support the project regularly or give a special offering. We would love for you and your church to consider adopting the Training & Discipleship School as your MANNA project. The monthly cost is approximately $4,000. Any amount helps guide young believers to give their lives to Jesus. If you would like to be a part of this crucial ministry, please contact us. Gifts can be sent through your local church or directly to MANNA Worldwide, project # 76604.

Thank you so much for your faithful support and prayers!

Scott & Kristi

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