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Hudgins Update September 2019

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Hudgins 2020-09
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A BUSY SUMMER 2019 With the Latin Initiative gaining momentum, Scott was able to take several groups to visit MANNA projects in Guatemala. He had the privilege of casting the vision for the Latin Initiative to the pastors and groups, but also shared Great Commission ideas with Guatemalan pastors. Generally, it is difficult for many Latin American pastors and churches to envision their role in global missions. There are many reasons for this, but finances are normally the first to be mentioned. Because of poverty, they think that they are unable to take the Gospel to the uttermost. This why the ministry of the Latin Initiative is crucial. Not only do we preach that it is the responsibility of every local church to obey the Great Commission (no matter what culture they are from), we help them understand that if God calls them to go, He will always provide the means needed to obey.

We have also recognized that women’s ministry is a key component in mobilization. As a result, Kristi accompanied Keri Kondracki to Romania this summer. The focus of the trip was to minister to women who serve in the different ministries and to gain valuable tools that will allow Kristi to coach and serve Latin American women who have or plan to answer the call to go to the regions beyond. The three places they visited were Rogova, Severin, and Cumpulung. It was an incredible experience, not only to experience a different culture and language, but also to meet God’s family in other parts of the world.

FAMILY NEWS Our boys enjoyed a week at the MANNA Engage Camp this summer and then also went to camp with our sending church, Berean Baptist in Bolivar, MO. We were also able to go to Guatemala for two weeks as a family. Our boys were greatly impacted as they ministered alongside the groups that went. These experiences have pushed our boys out of their comfort zone, but also have challenged them to consider their role in the Lord’s work.

It is hard to believe, but Joy is in her second year at SBU working and studying hard. Over the summer she was able to go to Greece on a missions trip with her college and she spent a week as a camp counselor. We are so proud of how responsible she has become in this new season of life.

URGENT NEED We thank God for the 1999 Chevy Suburban that He provided in 2005. After 14 years, at least five breakdowns, and 230,000 miles, it is now time for us to purchase a new-to-us vehicle. Many of you have already given towards this urgent need and we thank you very much for your generous gifts. Our goal is to raise at least $15,000. At this moment, we have $13,500 promised and $10,750 has already been received. If you would like to help with this need you can send a check to MANNA Worldwide with the memo Scott Hudgins - Vehicle.

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