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Saliba Update November 2021

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Prayer Letter 2021-11
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We finally made it out on the road after a lot of delays from health problems this summer, and we had a great time visiting many of the churches that support us. We were able to visit a few new churches that asked us to visit while we were back. One of them set up a camping area in their church for the girls. They loved that and so many other things like it that churches did to make our travels special. We had a great time reconnecting with everyone.


Craig Lingo, who passed away this summer, had a dream of reaching youth in Colombia with the gospel through camps, and training them to become Christian leaders. Over the past 12 years, the camp ministry he started preached the gospel to tens of thousands of people.

He was wise to put other leaders in place since the beginning, so when he passed away this year it was no surprise that the evangelistic camps and the discipleship school continued under the leadership of those he trained throughout his 50 years of ministry in Colombia.

Would you continue to pray for the pastors, leaders, and for all the volunteers who make camps happen?


Jonathan recently talked with Albeiro, the pastor of our church in Colombia, and Albeiro had a lot of good news to share, just as we knew he would. Albeiro is a great pastor and leader.

The church continues to invite many people to both church and camps. Several of the kids invited by our church to this last camp were invited by Irma and Lucy. Irma was saved at camp a couple of years ago, and she invited Lucy to camp. Lucy was also saved, along with her daughter. So, it’s exciting seeing them both grow and invite their friends to camp as well.

When we return to Colombia, there will be a lot of new families for us to meet, many of whom are taking big steps in their Christian walk. God also seems to be answering our long-time prayer of bringing more men into the church. Albeiro reported great attendance at his men’s Bible study, and says a lot of the men show potential to become servant-leaders in the church.

Pray also for God to call people not only into leadership, but also into full-time ministry.


Several churches and individuals have sent us special Christmas offerings, and we know more are coming. THANK YOU to everyone who gives extra for Christmas. Those gifts will help us start a new church next year!

We would also remind you about the special project we’re starting, the Colombia Building Fund. You can learn more about it at

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