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Saliba Update October 2020

Download this letter in a printable format:

Prayer Letter 2020-10
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The government has given churches the option of returning to in-person services, which is something we are in the process of taking advantage of. We have to submit our safety protocols to the government of Bogotá and wait for an answer within 14 days. Pray for us as we take these steps to get back to the building. We will only have space for about half of our attendance before the virus, which shouldn’t be a big issue, though we have grown a little as a church during this time.


Our church members have been taking advantage of their downtime (though most are back to work now) to focus on making disciples. We do discipleship groups of three: mentor, apprentice, and student. The groups have been meeting online, and have gone really well.

By the end of this discipleship cycle, 10 students will have gone through our basic discipleship program this semester. Each of them should be ready to apprentice in the next cycle, and even better, six people should be ready to lead discipleship groups next year if they aren’t too scared! It will help that their own mentors will be there to back them up the first time.

Pray that God would send us new people so those who are ready to disciple them can take that brave step. Pray for those who are new to stay connected and keep growing.


Ali Alexander has done a great job coordinating helps for the community such as groceries, toiletries, and school supplies for families we were already working with through a local public school, and for the families of kids who visited the church in the past. We also continue to help Venezuelan refugees who remain here.


While God has definitely provided for the church family economically during this terrible time, many in the church are struggling financially. It’s even noticeable that some have lost weight because of their finances. And, yet, those same people continue to give faithfully!

We have had to use more of our work funds than usual to complete the rent and pastor’s salary. At least for now, we’re just happy that can be another way that God continues to provide for His church though you.

For the future financial stability of the church, we really need to buy a building and stop renting. Realistically, that seems impossible because of the low wages people make here and the disgustingly high price of land in this city! But, God can make it happen, and we are hoping and praying for a million-dollar miracle in that area.

Please pray for a building for the church. It really will require a miracle, but we know God is capable of way greater things than that, so we will trust Him.

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