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Alexander Update November 2020

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Alexander 2020-11
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I can’t contain my excitement! After submitting our safety protocols to the government, we finally had our first in person service since March!! We were limited to only twenty-four people because of the size of our building, but we are already making plans to add another service. Like other churches, we have done our services online during these last eight months. While we are thankful for technology, there is just something special about being together as a church family to worship and hear from God’s word. Jonathan Saliba did a great job getting the technical side ready so that those still at home could be a part of the service.

During quarantine we were able to do another round of our discipleship program. We had a good group of students, which means the church has several new people. My group consisted of a student, Rachel, and an apprentice, Lina. Quarantine had just lifted in Bogotá for our last meeting, so both ladies were able to come to my house to share a meal and spend time together. Pray for Lina (right) as she will lead a group next time and for Rachel (in white) as she continues to grow in her relationship with the Lord.

To every church and individual who has given to our food basket ministry, THANK YOU! We have been able to hand out 170 food baskets and that is because of you! We have been working with a small group of families from a local public school and had the opportunity to visit them in their homes. It was such a sweet time of connecting and praying for them. It is our desire to see these families come to have a personal relationship with Christ. I’m also praying that some of these families will be able to participate in our future children’s ministry. This food basket ministry has not only been a blessing to Colombian families, but also a huge blessing to several Venezuelan refugees.

Another benefit of our time in quarantine has been getting to know my next door neighbor and her family. Her father recently passed away and I invited them over for a meal. Pray that I will have more opportunities to share Christ with them. You all are such a blessing to me and I can’t thank you enough for your prayers and support during this unique year of ministry.

Your missionary in Colombia,

Ali Alexander

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