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Alexander Update October 2019

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Alexander 2019-10
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CONBIBA NORTE Each Saturday afternoon we head to the local park and set up board games for any kids who want to play (picture #1). We’ve been doing this for several months now and it’s fun seeing the same kids week after week. This has given us the opportunity to connect, not only with the kids, but also with their parents and other adults.

This year for Halloween (picture #2) we went to the park to play board games, hand out candy, and invite people to church. I’ve always known there are a lot of people living in the neighborhood where the church is located, but I was blown away that night as hundreds of families where out walking around. There were so many people that cars had a difficult time going down the main street! That night served as a visual reminder of the spiritual darkness many people are living in and the task we have to share the Light of Jesus with our community.

TRIP TO STATES I spent the majority of October Stateside as I was invited to participate in a mission conference in Missouri (picture #3). I was also able to go to a pastor’s meeting in Texas, visit a supporting church in the Kansas City area, and visit my sending church. Fran, one of my teammates, and I went to a one day children’s conference, where we gained practical tools for children’s ministry. It was a month packed full of activities but my favorite part was spending time with my parents (picture #4).


  1. That we are able to continue connecting with families within the community and that they would come to church.

  2. For Colombians to make personal decisions for Christ.

  3. Upcoming events: a group from the States and Day Zero Camp November 16th & 17th.


  1. A new supporting church

  2. Time in the States to see family, supporting pastors, my sending church, and several friends

  3. For the churches that stand behind me in prayer and financial support.

Your missionary to Colombia, Ali Alexander

Ali Alexander

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