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Hudgins Update November 2023

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Hudgins 2023-11
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Happy Thanksgiving! As we thank God, we want to tell you some wonderful stories of victory that He has allowed us to experience this year. We are so grateful to Him for His work in the world and to you for faithfully encouraging us in the ministry.


In June of this year, Scott had the opportunity of taking a group of doctors and dentists to host a medical clinic in the Middle East. Three Muslim women gave their lives to Christ! This kind of story is not uncommon now. Despite being a restricted and volatile area of the world, our ministry partners are engaged in Gospel ministry. God is blessing their boldness and desire to “obey God rather than men” who attempt to destroy the flow of the Gospel.


Women's Ministry
Women's Ministry

In July, Kristi and Juliana along with four women from Delaware, organized a women’s conference at the Training & Discipleship School in Bogota, Colombia. Four churches participated along with the MANNA after school program and the soccer ministry. A total of seventy women attended, forty-five being unsaved. After a clear presentation of the Gospel, more than twenty women raised their hands desiring salvation. They went on to have one-on-one conversations with the women who brought them. Most of them trusted Jesus as their Savior The angels rejoiced as precious daughters were added to God’s family that day. You can learn more about MANNA Women’s Ministry at



On October 14th, Scott had the pleasure of marrying our daughter to our now new son, Michael Martinez. We are overjoyed at their desire to unite their lives in marriage for the purpose of glorifying God. Their desire is to be involved in full-time ministry and they are waiting on God to show them when and where. Thank you for your faithful investment in our family.


We are continuing the process of raising funds for this ministry. In our next letter, we will include an update on the school’s growth and efforts to edify local churches in Latin America. Currently, an average of $2,300/month is coming in of the $4,400/month needed. It would be a privilege to have you partner with this exciting ministry. Gifts can be sent through your local church or directly to MANNA, project # 76604 (

We thank God for your partnership with us!

Scott & Kristi

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