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Lingo Update June 2023

Dear Pastor and Church Family,

This past February 18 was a roller coater day for me here in Colombia. Fifty years ago, on February 18, 1973, Craig and I arrived in Bogota, Colombia, as young missionaries. I spent that day going through pictures trying to wrap my head and heart around these incredible 50 years! God opened my eyes to understand again that these 50 years of service have not been about the faithfulness of Craig and Fran. It has always been about HIS faithfulness.That same faithfulness is still evident today! My heart can only say, “Thank you, Lord.”

We had the privilege of seeing nine people baptized a few weeks back. Two of them grew up in our kids ministry and I sure love seeing that. I know God does too!


I am in the process of preparing for teaching at the Training and Discipleship School here in Colombia and speaking at our ladies retreat, both in August. I ask that you pray for these two upcoming events that God will work in and through me and in the hearts of women who need a personal relationship with Jesus and others whose relationships need to be refreshed and healed.

We are so grateful to God for letting us have a big part in the birth of the new baby church that was started the first day of April. God is blessing this new baby and we are excited to see what He has planned for them. The new pastor, Frank, and his wife, Andrea, have prayed for years about their calling and to see it all come together is such a blessing. God is good!

New Church

Thank you so much for your faithful support to this ministry for so many years. As long as the Lord permits me to continue to serve Him here, that is my desire. Thank you again for holding the rope!


Fran Lingo / Colombia (still)


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