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Saliba Update March 2020

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Saliba 2020-03
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The extra Christmas giving of our supporting churches really surprised us this year! We never expected so many churches and friends to give above and beyond their normal monthly commitments. Thank you, everyone, so very much!


In 2019 our average church attendance increased by 19% over the previous year’s attendance. Three people were baptized, and 17 people were saved through the ministry of the church. We also had a couple new families added to the church who were already believers. Pray that the church would continue to grow in 2020.


This year, we changed Kids Month from February to March to coincide with our return to Colombia. We won’t do that again because of the rainy season!

The fair at the park was rained out right after we got started, so we moved into the building. There weren’t many kids at the park anyway because it looked like it was going to rain.

In previous years, we started Kids Month off with more than 50 kids. This year we had 23 kids on the first Sunday, but almost all of them continued to attend for the following weeks. Days before the fourth Sunday of March, our whole city was quarantined, so we scrambled to record the kids program for that Sunday. We had 45 different families view the video.


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, our whole city has been quarantined since March 20th. We can only leave the house for food, medicine, or money. Only Jonathan has stepped outside in the past two weeks, and just once to buy groceries.

Our area has the highest number of cases in the city, so we’re content to stay in and stay safe. Pray for our health during this time, and pray also for our church members who won’t be able to keep working during the quarantine.


Church hasn’t stopped. Everything is online. We’re spending more time teaching, talking, and praying than we ever did before. Our online services have seen as many families involved on Sundays as we used to have people in the auditorium before the quarantine. Some of our people have lost jobs, and others aren’t able to work, though God has been good to allow the most financially vulnerable members of the church to keep working. We do worry about how people will afford groceries and rent if the quarantine goes much longer.

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