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Saliba Update May 2024

We’re so thankful for your prayers for visas, for salvations, and for different ministries. This quarter we’re reporting several salvations, some good news, and some bad news.

Church Relocated

We’ve been talking for several years about the church’s tight budget, the high cost of rent, and the difficulty of good churches becoming self-sustaining in less wealthy areas of Bogotá. On that subject, we have what we see as both good and bad news.

The good news is that the church will now be paying 35% less for rent without losing any usable space and while gaining a nice park right across the street where we can do activities and evangelism.

The bad news is that the church has been priced out of our neighborhood. We looked and looked, but there was just nothing available at an affordable price where we were. We aren't moving far, but we are moving to the next neighborhood south.

This means the kids from local schools that we work with will not be able to make it to the new location. It’s just too far for them. Thankfully though, God has provided a solution through another church very close to our previous location. We have moved the Manna after-school program to that church’s building until the end of the semester and we’re seeking direction about how to continue that ministry with those kids and their parents indefinitely. Be praying for the church as it works to reach a new area, and for us as we continue teaching and accompanying these kids and their families!

Manna Ministries

On a very related note, both of the outreaches that we’re actively involved in (soccer and after-school) are now official Manna Worldwide projects. The after-school program has been for several years, but the soccer school was just approved as a new project. That means it currently has no funding, but it also means that you have the opportunity to become monthly supporters of that ministry if you decide to do so (Manna Worldwide project number 76605), and it means that soon we’ll be able to put the kids on a real soccer field a couple of times a month, and purchase snacks and Bibles for them. So, consider adding the soccer ministry to your monthly giving. Kids are being saved almost every week through that ministry, and several of their parents are too.


Since our last update, we finished teaching the whole church to do Bible studies in their homes, and a man named Hector was saved during that time, which was a wonderful example to the people of our church that when they are faithful to teach the Gospel, the Holy Spirit will bring people to faith Jesus. It was also a great reminder to us personally.

Between the Bible study, the soccer school, and the after-school program, at least 15 people have been saved since our last update.

Coming Up

Now, pray for the coming weeks, months, and years. We probably need to raise more support because our budget is getting tighter lately. But, there are such great things happening that we don’t feel like we can leave now.

For the rest of the year, we want to really focus on sharing the gospel with our neighbors, with the kids and parents we’ve already mentioned, with everyone we know here in Colombia, and start meeting with people regularly to study the Bible. Please pray especially for that!

Thank you for everything you do for us!

Jonathan & Anna Saliba


Resources & Downloads

English letter PDF:

Prayer Letter 2024-05
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Prayer Letter 2024-05 ES
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