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Saliba Update February 2024

Kids Month

For all of February, our church focused on kids through what we call Kids Month. We simply take a VBS program and do it for five Sundays in a row. The kids seem to love it, especially those new to the church. Many of their parents and grandparents also stay for the service each week. No parents were saved yet, but two older children trusted Jesus as their Savior. Pray for growth in their relationship with Jesus.

Building Fund

The church’s building has become unaffordable. This happens every few years as the owners raise rent. So, the church will be moving to a different, probably smaller, building in May.

It’s feeling more and more urgent to finish raising funds for a church building. In case you didn’t already know, we’re trying to purchase a building that will serve as a home to multiple churches (both planted and to-be-planted) and also serve the needs of our outreaches like the after-school program.

A kind pastor asked how his church could help. If you have that same question, the answer is not helping the church to pay rent, but instead putting the church into a better situation by giving toward the building fund. You can learn more at

We would really encourage you to seriously consider giving big to this great project. Some suggestions we have, depending on your ability, are to:

  • Just give a really big gift.

  • Set a goal, save, and give a Christmas offering.

  • Have the church match gifts from members.

  • Do a special fundraiser event.


We’re thanking God for 2 children trusting Jesus during Kids Month and 8 through the soccer school.

Christian and Michelle (brother and sister) have been connected with the church for several years. They attend both the soccer school and the Manna after-school program. They drop by on Sundays sometimes to say hi, but they don’t have permission to stay for church. They’ve heard the gospel many times, so when they finally put their faith in Jesus at the soccer school, we were so happy. We’re trying to disciple Christian and Michelle outside of church services. We’re praying that their parents won’t object, and even hoping that through this their parents will start to seek and follow Jesus too.

Bible Studies

Last year, we started an evangelistic Bible study. Out of that study, we had a family commit to hosting one in their home this year to reach their neighbors. In March and April, we will be taking our entire church through the study and teaching them how to use it in each of their homes to reach their neighbors. We’re hoping to see a new study started every month of this year. Pray for that to happen and keep happening so we can help more and more people discover who Jesus is, why he came, and how they must respond to his call.

Thank you!

Jonathan & Anna Saliba


Resources & Downloads

English letter PDF:

Prayer Letter 2024-02
Download PDF • 6.20MB

Spanish letter PDF:

Prayer Letter 2024-02 ES
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