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Alexander Update April 2021

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Ali 2021-04
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Saludos desde Bogotá! Greetings from Bogotá!

On the first Sunday of March we started up our children’s ministry again. Though we had been meeting on a weekly basis over Zoom, there was just something special about seeing those sweet faces in person. We are so happy to have this time with them as it had been almost a full year since our last class. Easter Sunday was a full day of celebrating our Resurrected Savior! We had our highest number of people in attendance since the shut downs, several first time guests, and four people were baptized. We give praise to the Lord for a great day in His house!

Life is constantly changing here in Bogotá and we are currently in the third wave of covid. We are under nightly stay at home orders and there are restrictions for when we can go out to do errands. The whole city has been on a full lockdown the past two weekends. We will have another lockdown this weekend. No one is allowed to move around the city for three days unless of a medical emergency or to buy groceries. We have moved the church service back online and though it has been difficult, we see how God is working through this situation. Please pray for Colombia, the people leading the country, and our church during this time.

In June of 2020, we were officially approved by MANNA Worldwide to begin a project in Verbenal, the neighborhood where our church is located. Last year’s shut down put the launch of this project on hold, but I’m excited to announce that we will be starting this project very soon! This is an answer to prayer and I can’t thank you all enough for joining me in prayer! I’m so excited to see the lives that will be eternally changed through this project. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for the launch and that families will allow their children to attend. In the last picture, we are getting ready to hand out school supply kits to families from a school that is located on the same block as the church.

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing here in Bogotá. Your missionary to Colombia,

Ali Alexander

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