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Alexander Update August 2022

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Ali 2022-08
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Activity in the Park

We are so thankful to have a community park only 2 minutes away from the church. We have used this park throughout the years for several outreach events. We recently had a mini-fair for kids in order to invite them to church. Next week, we are having a church wide family picnic in this same park. Pray that we will be able to interact with non-church families and invite them to church.

Men's Bible Study

In my last update, I mentioned that we started our first Women’s Bible Study. Well, the guys didn’t want to be left out, and we now have a Men’s Bible Study! There were eleven men in attendance the first evening. Please be praying for Albeiro, the national pastor, as he leads this group, that they will grow in numbers, and that this will be a time of spiritual and personal growth for these men.

Manna Project in Verbenal

Our Manna project is officially one year old! We have so much to thank the Lord for during this first year of ministry. This past Friday, we said goodbye to one of our kids. While we are always sad to see a child leave, we give thanks to the Lord for the time we had with them. Please be praying for me as I will soon be transitioning the ministry over to Colombian leadership. This was the plan from the very beginning and I’m exciting to see how God will continue to use this ministry to reach families within our community.

Presidential Election

Gustavo Petro was voted in as Colombia’s first left wing, socialist president. Petro was inaugurated this past Sunday and has already set out to make changes during his first day in office. This is a huge shift for the country and it’s only with time that we will know the full impact of this new administration.

Thank you for your love and support!

Your missionary, Ali Alexander

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