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Alexander Announcement February 2023

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Ali 2023-02
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Dear Prayer Warriors,

I pray each of you have had a wonderful start to this new year. I have some news that I want to share with you.

In September of 2022, I celebrated ten years as a missionary to Colombia with the Baptist Bible Fellowship International. I started out as an intern missionary through the TEAM program where I worked with a missionary family while learning the language, culture, and ministry. After that, I went through the approval process to become a career missionary. During these last ten years God has allowed me to learn so much, make another country my home, love the Colombian people in ways that are hard to express, and see how the Good News of the Gospel changes lives. That is why it is with a heavy heart that I write to announce that I have resigned as a missionary to Colombia.

There were several factors that played into making this decision and through it all, God has been so faithful. It truly has been an honor to partner with you to take the Gospel to the Colombian people. I will never be able to fully express how thankful I am for your prayers over the years. Each of you have played a big role in the ministry in Colombia!

I leave you with a four last prayer requests.

  1. Pray for the Colombian church leaders as they lead their churches, the believers that they will grow in their walk with God and share the Gospel with others, and that more Colombians will come to know the Lord.

  2. Pray for my teammates as they continue to serve in Colombia.

  3. Pray for more laborers to take the Gospel to Colombia and other countries around the world.

  4. Pray for me during this transition process and as I seek what God has next.

For the last time as your missionary to Colombia,

Ali Alexander

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