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Alexander Update July 2019

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Alexander 2019-07
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This month we baptized three people. As a church, days like these are always joyful as we get to publicly witness people take the next step after their decision to follow Christ. Even more joy that one the ladies we baptized is my neighbor.

Dia Zero

We finished the 1st semester of our 2019 camps with over 3 thousands campers in attendance and hundreds making decisions for Christ. Our 1st camp of the 2nd semester is August 3&4 and we are praying that even more lives will be eternally changed.

Discovery Week

We hosted a week of learning through fun activities for the children in our neighborhood. We were able to connect with several new families and love on their children. I’m so thankful for the amazing volunteers that made this week possible. We are praying this will open another door for a before and/or after school ministry in the near future. Please be praying for me to have the wisdom to organize this ministry and for the families that will be apart of it. I’m excited for another way to share with children and their families about a God who loves them.


It was so much fun hosting my very first guests! Gary and Lisa Wilson (first picture) spoke with our church and encouraged them to continue their involvement in missions. We traveled to another region of Colombia to see a Bible translation that is almost finished. What a great reminder that not all of the people in Colombia have the Scriptures in their language and how important that really is so they can learn about God. Mikayla P. (second picture) came from one of my supporting churches to spend a month helping with our ministries and to get an insight of missionary life. She was a great help and our people loved getting to know her. Supporting Pastor Pat Finley and his wife Pam (third picture) also visited for a few days. It was a blessing to have Pastor Pat speak with our church about being a good steward of our finances. I’m thankful for all of these visitors and the impact they have on the ministries here in Colombia and around the world.

New wheels

After weeks of searching and praying for wisdom, I purchased the SUV pictured above. Thank you to those who financially gave and for those who prayed!! I can already tell it’s going to be a huge blessing during the years of ministry here in Colombia.

Thank you for all the prayers and financial support!

Your missionary in Colombia,

Ali Alexander

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