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Hudgins Update September 2021

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Kristi’s uncle, Craig Lingo, is cancer free! That was our praise in the last update. Things do not always go how we think they should, and as many of you already know, Craig Lingo went home to be with the Lord. It was a very shocking turn of events knowing that God had healed him of his cancer only to take him to heaven a couple of months later. We were definitely not expecting it, but we are so glad that he died in the country he loved so dearly and we know we will see him again. Not having him in our lives anymore wasn’t what we would have chosen for ourselves, but it is definitely a gain for him. He has now seen his Savior face to face, has worshipped Jesus alongside his daughter, parents, brother, grandparents and so many other saints that have gone before him. We do miss him and look forward to the day when we will see him again. We ask that you would please pray for the family, especially his wife Fran.


Things have definitely gotten busy for us again as far as traveling goes. We were able to spend several weeks in Colombia with two different groups this summer. We were able to be a part of the launching of MANÁ VERBENAL, the after-school MANNA program at CONBIBA NORTE, our church in Bogotá. It was such a blessing being a part of that, and watching Ali Alexander, who is running the program, and all of the volunteers

helping her. They have done a phenomenal job and have spent a lot of time preparing and praying for this. Our prayer is that God will use it to reach families in the community who otherwise would never have connected with the church.

A second component of that project is a soccer school which is run by one of the deacons in the church. He has between 30 and 40 kids that attend his class. As he gets established with this group, we expect God to do great things in their lives, in the community and in the church.

Scott was also able to take a group from one of our supporting churches in Tennessee to Orizaba, Mexico. It was a pleasure watching them connect and seeing them all fall in love with the people that we love and work with. They worked with the churches there, helped with some construction projects and loved on the MANNA kids in the nutrition centers at the churches. They were a blessing to the people and we know they left feeling blessed as well.


Our two oldest children have now begun their own missionary journeys. Chandler has started the FUSION program at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is preparing to go overseas for the summer. He is learning language and survival skills as well as taking missions courses.

Joy is doing her semester abroad in San Sebastian, Spain. It was a roller coaster ride trying to figure out if she’d be able to travel or not, but praise the Lord, she was able to go and is enjoying doing missions on her own, apart from her parents. We are thankful she is working with some great host missionaries. We couldn’t be happier for the adventure our children are on right now.

Thank you so much for your faithful support and prayers!

Scott & Kristi

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