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Lingo Update April 2020

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Lingo Update 2020-04
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Dear Pastor and Friends,

We would like to let everybody know that Fran and I are doing well. We have had a very busy three weeks! We left for the US on March 10 because I had follow-up CAT Scan scheduled for March 13. The test showed that there is no cancer activity, so that was good news! It remains in remission.

We had planned to return to Colombia on March 19, but because of all of the turmoil in air travel, we moved our flight back to Bogota to Monday 16...we arrived precisely the day our President in Colombia ordered all people coming from the US to be quarantined. So, we just finished our quarantine on March 30!

Meanwhile all public meetings have been forbidden in, for these last two weeks we have spent a lot of time getting all of our services online and developing a church-wide network so that everybody in church gets at least a couple of calls a week. We are really excited about the opportunities that are opening. This mandatory isolation has forced us to explore new and effective ways to keep our church functioning as "a fitly joined together body where every part helps the other". When we can finally get back together, we have high expectations for our church! I have a feeling everybody is going to have a renewed appreciation for something that they had begun to take granted, namely, the assembling of ourselves together.

I had not written an update because I was waiting for the report of the checkup. Although I am very happy about my continued health, we really haven't had much time to celebrate it. Thank you for your interest in us and our ministry.

Please keep us in our prayers.


Craig & Fran

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